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MPEG Audio Collection 2.92


MPEG Audio Collection 2.92

   Finally MAC 2.92 stable is here! A little explanation for those that haven't heard it yet: MAC was originally created by Jurgen Faul, but since he stopped the development, it is now developed by The MAC Team. Which currently has 4 members: Böreck, ErikS, Gambit and madah. We would like to thank Jurgen for his great work and we hope that we can follow in his footsteps :).
   So, what are you waiting for? Go get the new version at the download page!

What's new:
 - FLAC support
 - WavPack support
 - OptimFROG support
 - AAC support
 - support for files encoded with Monkey's Audio 3.98
 - mpc support for SV 7.1 and all profiles
 - mpc fix: will now read files with different sample rates correctly
 - mpc encoder detection
 - genre tag support (thanks to Maurizio Belvisi)
 - new powerful tagger and renamer
 - the tag editor now supports writting of ID3v1, ID3v2, APEv2 and Vorbis Comment tags
 - volume type detected and indicated by the icon
 - option to include all files to collection
 - different icons for different file types (thanks to SacRat, Jan S. and M. Blake)
 - search window position and size are now saved
 - added option to open directory in explorer
 - right click menu added to the search window
 - added option to eject the CD after scanning
 - new file info dialog window
 - reads Vendor info from Vorbis Comments (Ogg Vorbis, FLAC)
 - reads ape tags from mp3 files
 - option to use foobar2000 for playing
 - double-clicking unsupported files launches their associated program
 - updated Swedish, Slovak, German (thanks to Joerg Walther), Spanish (thanks to AngelGR), Arabic (thanks to M.A.A.D.), Italian and French (thanks to zegilles) language files
 - some text corrections (see todo_translate.txt)
 - XP Themes support
 - fixed bugs
 - MAC is now released under the GNU LGPL license

    http://mac.sourceforge.net/mac292.exe     http://mac.sourceforge.net/mac292.zip 


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