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8start Launcher 1.6


8start Launcher 1.6

New era of desktop, start menu and quick launch is coming by freeware 8start Launcher. It makes a whole new way of launching programs and files on your system which you never seen before.

Starting programs from shortcuts on desktop and start menu is an obsolete and cumbersome process. Now it is made precise with categorization and graphic options. All your favorite programs, folders or documents can be easily identified from the groups and the icons displayed. The skinable design and the graphical interface make your desktop much more viewable and useful than all your wallpapers and shortcuts put together.

You can maintain a clean desktop and access any favorite program/folders/documents with a single click. Clear, useful groups replace the clutter of icons on your desktop. Even the menu is better than the standard start menu.

SO: Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista

Size: 993KB

Licenza: Freeware




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