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Central Brain Identifier Black Edition Beta 3 Build 19048


Central Brain Identifier Black Edition Beta 3 Build 19048
Central Brain Identifier Black Edition is based on the powerful source code of previous CBId version, but it will feature a new GUI design that was worked out for the AMD64 processor architecture.

CBId Black Edition is designed to support AMD64 processors only and previous processor families are not planned to support. For the moment CBId Black Edition is capable of supporting the latest AMD dual-core and quad-core processors. It can indicate a support of the latest multimedia instructions by the processor, such as SSSE3, SSE4A, SSE4.1 and SSE5!

Main Features:
- Complete identification of AMD processors.
- QuantiSpeed Rating calculation and OPN determination.
- Real-time CPU clock frequency, VCore and temperature monitoring.
- Entering the processor the low power state of Stop Grant.
- FID/VID transition for mobile AMD and AMD64 processors on the fly.
- Search for and interpretation of performance state tables.
- DRAM timing configuration for a huge number of chipsets.
- Ability to change the feature bits of the processor.
- Quick CPU name string modification.
- FSB/DRAM frequency control for nForce2 chipset on the fly.
- Advanced tuning of VIA V-Link bus speed parameters.
- Enhanced memory tweak set for the nVIdia nForce2 chipset and AMD64 integrated memory controller.
- HyperTransprt multiplier and bus width change.
- Memory frequency change for the AMD64 platform

SO: Windows NT/2000/2003/XP/x64

Size: 253KB

Licenza: Freeware




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