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Startup Booster 2.0


Startup Booster 2.0

Your PC started loading slower? That´s natural: some programs add themselves to the autostartup list, obsolete records are accumulated in the registry, you´ve never used tweaks for speeding up the processing. You don´t need to search for several programs which might improve these moments - Startup Booster is a simple all-in-all solution that will speed up your PC loading several times!

Startup Booster classifies all of your programs that are executed at startup as system programs, suspicious applications that can be viruses and the programs that are not necessary for startup.

It happens very often that the applications that can be executed when needed, form part of the startup list wasting hardware resources after each startup. Startup Booster will help you to remove programs from startup list or to add them there!

SO: Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista

Size: 4.4MB

Licenza: Freeware




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