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tweaking.com svchost.exe lookup tool


Con questi due programmi potete vedere a cosa vi servono tutti gli svchost.exe che trovate attivi in memoria.
Poi bisogna decidere se possiamo sbarazzarci di loro o almeno di alcuni.


Tweaking.com - svchost.exe Lookup Tool is another tool I made for my fellow techs toolboxes and for users who need the extra information.

If you have ever noticed svchost.exe in your task manger taking a large amount of memory or high CPU you wonder what it belongs to. svchost.exe is used to run certain services in Windows.

With this tool you can see all currently running svchost.exe on the system and what service each one belongs to.

You can now see which service is giving you trouble :-)

As an added feature you can view detailed information about the service right from the program.


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